During the last 24 hours I think I’ve felt about 800 different emotions, none of the pleasant except maybe to my “liberal” friends who enjoy to watch me suffer (I will almost always put “liberal” in quotes because they only think they’re liberal, they act conservative and just don’t know they are conservative yet).   Not only is Barry going for round 2, but my prediction was way off.  I was so confident I already had a post written and ready to post for around 10:00pm on Tuesday evening saying that just because Romney won it doesn’t mean we’re safe, we still have to fight harder than ever.

I purposely haven’t watched or listened to a single news program, TV or radio.  I purposely haven’t read a single newspaper or read a single news website.  I did that on purpose because I wanted to reflect on the results and give my own, uncontaminated opinion (which I won’t have time to write about tonight and will probably see some commentary before I do have time).  I did, however, talk to a few friends, Rollo included, through text message…I had to blow off some steam, otherwise there would be too much pressure built up in my system by now.  I’m keeping this as short as possible…

We need to press on. We need to articulate our position.  We have some momentum. This year was not the landslide of 4 years ago.  Please, republicans, do not cave, do not compromise.  Do not jump on board a sinking ship. If Romney won this election you know damn well the democrats wouldn’t be saying they have to become more conservative.  Please don’t fall into that trap.  I’ll bet the pundits are saying the republicans have to be more inclusive and appeal to minorities…Our message does! We just need to articulate it better.  We need to educate more people.  We aren’t the ones obsessed with race and gender…they are! Our message is consistant, our message applies to male, female, white, black, Indian, Mexican, European, etc.

If anyone is reading this, please don’t give up if you’re conservative and if you’re a “liberal” please tell me why you voted for Obama.  You liberals will never win a debate on policy or fact…You’re supposed to be the ones with an open mind, educate yourself!  Read!  If you hold such a strong staunch position on economic and social issues, back it up!  “I think” is not a valid argument for your positions.

I have work to do, I’m cutting this short.

God bless freedom, liberty, and personal property,

Slappy Jones II

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This has been a total devastation to my outlook on America. I believed in American exceptionalism. I thought we would step up and save the country from the abyss. But the one thing Tuesday proved to me was that Americans have changed for the worse. The president has a 4 year track record of power grabs, government waste and corruption, high unemployment, inflation, and economic caos. We were presented a clear alternative in Mitt Romney but still chose the path to socialism. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of this country. I have written the US… Read more »