Only government can prevent kidnapping?


I know on this blog I often write about topics dealing with how society could function without government.  With a little bit of imagination and critical thinking, it’s not often too difficult to think of situations where the market could find a way to solve the problem.

Today, though, I thought of something.  How would you prevent someone from kidnapping another person and keeping them a prisoner for, I don’t know, ten years?  How would you catch these criminals without government?  People could just snatch up a young teenage girl and keep her locked up in the basement for years and years.

Without a government-sponsored police force, how would you protect your children from these predators?  Do you think there’s even any way you could protect yourself?  With government, there are laws that prevent someone from kidnapping and holding someone as a slave.  And if you try, the police will come and arrest you.  Then you’ll be tried in a public court and put in prison for a long time.

If we didn’t have all of that, there’s no disincentive to kidnapping.  Without the police, no one could stop me from picking up off the street.  And then there’s no court to punish me for my wrongdoing.

It’s clear—take away the police and other protective services that the government provides and we’d be left to fend for ourselves.  We could never cooperate with others and solve these issues voluntarily.

I’d be very interested to see what Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus, and Michele Knight think about this.

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Lately I’m getting down on courts, and I’ve always been down on cops. First, while the cost is not clear, we can be certain that its more than we think. Back in Phoenix (where the bookmarks live) it seems there are about 3.5 million people here, or about 1% of the US population. Does the annual budget for cops and courts exceed 100 million dollars? Add 1% of the CIA, FBI, BPS, ATF, DOJ, PDQ, and WTF, and where is the bill now? I have no idea, and I’m sure I will never know. But I bet its a pile.… Read more »
Rollo McFloogle
Welcome back, Lance. Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with your assessment. While the police and court might get it “right” sometimes, if my neighbor is beating up on his wife, should I really sit back and call the police and wait the 7 minutes for them to show up or should I intervene myself? If the police are late by two minutes and he kills her, did I do the right thing by letting the cops do their job? According to the “law” and the “rules of society,” I did what I was supposed to do. The more… Read more »
I think an overwhelming majority of cops (based on no statistic, just my personal experiences) get into the profession for the right reasons. They want to serve the community and protect the people. Of course there are corrupt cops, I’d bet there’s at least a few in every precinct, but that should be expected and predicted based on the set up. However, I do think there is a need for the police, or a security force or whatever, and there is no doubt they would still exist even if they were not funded by the government. Rollo, while you or… Read more »
Rollo McFloogle
“Rollo, while you or I might be able to break up a domestic violence dispute next door, what happens if it is my fiancé who sees the fight? There aren’t too many fights in the world she is capable of breaking up, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call to make sure everything is ok? It would certainly give me peace of mind to know that if there is trouble, someone would be there to help if I’m not around.” This is one of the many reasons why, like you said, we’d still have some sort of police… Read more »