Calling Obamacare Supporters


Is there anyone out there, and I mean this sincerely, who still thinks Robertscare is a good idea?  Can you not see right through it? If there are people who think Obama cares about you and wants this health insurance exchange thing to work because it will make life better for the American people, can you please take a few minutes out of your day and explain to me why you like it?  Why you think he or anyone in Washington cares about whether or not you can get health insurance? Do you all still worship this politician you never personally met?

It is now proven that even after 3 years of designing this website, they knew it wouldn’t work but rolled it out anyway.  Do you still believe that guy when he talks about how shocked and angry he is that the website isn’t working?  Can you not tell this is just a power grab? It is a database full of your personal information. We have a Social Security issue.  The Ponzi scheme is going to blow up.  Sarah Palin’s death panels might sound a little more realistic now.

We are told that this is supposed to make healthcare affordable for everyone, it’s actually in the name of the act.  The apparent problem we had pre-Obama/Robertscare was that people could not afford coverage or were declined for pre-existing conditions.  Well the bronze plan is supposed to be the cheapest plan apparently designed for those who could not previously afford health insurance.  If they could not afford health insurance before Obama/Robertscare went into effect, how the hell are they going to afford the $5,000 deductible? Doesn’t this put us right back where we were?  People will use the doctor just like they used to, it’s illegal to turn them away, and they’ll get a bill for a $5,000, and they won’t pay it.  Even if you think Obama and his regime are looking out for your best interest, how does this help?

It doesn’t help.  It is the first step to nationalize healthcare…Barry’s words, not mine.

God Bless Freedom, Liberty, and Personal Property,

Slappy Jones II

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This was clearly never about providing insurance to people who didn’t have any. If it were, we could have created yet another entitlement that subsidized health insurance for low income people and left everyone else alone. But instead, they blew up the whole system. This is all about control. And with healthcare under the government’s thumb, they can do just about anything and link it to health (ie: guns are bad for your health). Not to mention how there is now legal precedent to force citizens to purchase a product. Thank you John Roberts.


Cheryl and I got into an astounding discussion on Facebook with these alleged supporters. After 20 posts, it seemed clear that the benefits they sought amounted to “free drugs all around.” Because previously, emergency services were provided to the uninsured, and elective surgery has no change. Preventative medicine wasn’t managed prior or after, so the only thing I can actually see is that everyone now gets prescription medication, necessary or otherwise.

Except now I have to pay for their pills.