The Militarization of our Police Forces


Have there been a change with our police? Are police officers like Andy Taylor of Mayberry relics of the past? Do our police forces look more like armies nowadays?

These are questions that takes on with their infographic “The Militarization of our Police Forces.” Take a look below.

Take note especially at the Examples section, specifically of the “Show of Might without Reason.” Should we tolerate escalations of violence by the police for such things that do no harm to anyone? Is it worth it to injure or kill the perpetrator of a victimless crime? Who exactly are the police protecting in those situations?

Militarization of our Police Forces – An infographic by the team at is a database of (you guessed it) records on people who have been arrested. These records are public, so it serves as a good reminder that the true victims of victimless crimes are the people whose records have been marred by an unjust arrest and possible subsequent incarceration.