An Uzi in play keeps the riots away


The arrival of well-armed militias in support of the Bundy Ranch against the BLM gave us a reminder of why it is important for individuals to be able to arm and defend themselves as they see fit. Had the supporters of Cliven Bundy and his family not had guns, the agents of the state would have had a much easier time imposing their will. It is of course true that if the government wanted to outgun them, they could have very easily done so, but they did have a PR battle to worry about. I’m not sure it would have been in their best interest to escalate things, so they backed off.

This display by ordinary people reminded me of another example of when heavy weaponry was necessary. I remembered video I saw some time ago of the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Many people took the situation as an opportunity to loot businesses, attack passersby, and cause general chaos. In many places, the police were nowhere to be found.

A news station found a Korean-owned business in a different situation. They were armed and they made it known. They had no problems.

It’s amazing that with all of the disorder surrounding them, there was great degree of order at this business. Everything was calm and under control. No police (or government) was necessary.

Rifles and shotguns are not too out of the ordinary, so…

“No, we haven’t had any trouble at all.”

The guns brought peace. Despite this obvious fact, it didn’t stop the anchorwoman from asking, “Have you asked them whether their firearms are registered?”

Really? Is that where her concern is? She cannot see that there is no violence happening at that location…at all? She’s interested in talking about whether or not the guns are considered “legal” by the state? If it should be illegal to have peace, then write your arrest warrant for me right now.

Upon the news team spotting a man on the roof carrying an Uzi, the anchorwoman in a clearly perturbed state says, “This has to be a disturbing sight to the LAPD and to the National Guard officers out there as well.”

What are they going to be concerned about? That there’s a spot they don’t have to worry about violence happening? These people have created a small area of peace right in the middle of a warzone. I fail to see how that is anything but a good thing.

To answer the question: when does someone need an automatic weapon? It is when they have lives and a livelihood to defend.