David Angelo of eEconomics confronts his worst fear: Roads

I hate to bring it up, but it truly is amazing how many people reply to any number libertarian arguments with “What about the roads?” They even do it with a smirk because they think libertarians aren’t bright enough to think about it on their own.

Here’s the thing—most libertarians went through a transition period to libertarianism, which probably involved their own “What about the roads?” questions and then subsequent answers. Heck, Walter Block wrote a book about the privatization of roads and highways called, well, “The Privatization of Roads and Highways.”

If you have never really tried to imagine a system that didn’t use or need the government to manage the roads, that’s fine. But if you do not want to be laughed at or given short, sarcastic answers, don’t act like your debate partner has never thought about it either. Chances are he’s thought about and answered it on numerous occasions. If you are curious or want to know what a libertarian thinks about private roads, by all means, ask away! Just try to be somewhat respectful of their intelligence when you do it.

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