Memorial Day Message


Days like Memorial Day are difficult for me. If you have views about the state and by extension war that are similar to mine, you understand the feeling of sadness and frustration that the day brings. If I verbalized my feelings about war and the military to the average person, it would be met with anger and disdain even though I am the one who advocates for peace and love.

Katy Khaos has created a video that expresses my views about today just about perfectly. Take a few minutes to watch it:

The best way to support the troops is to support them to get out of the military. There is a time and a place for the use of violence to defend life and property, but the government powers have proven over and over that it does not matter to them. War is not people versus people, nor is it culture against culture. War is waged by political elites for greed for power and money. They use soldiers taken from those they claim as subjects to use as pawns.

Know and understand what you are truly willing to fight for. When soldiers put down their weapons and say no, the powers lose the resources they need to deliver hell on earth.