Stop fanning the racial flame war


White people, I get it, there are heinous black on white crimes that happen.  Sometimes they’re not national news.  And there’s pretty much never any rioting associated with them. 

Is it because white people are somehow more civilized?

Absolutely not, it’s because there is a strong expectation that the people who committed the crimes will be punished. 

Now compare that to a cop murdering a black person: does anyone think that justice will be served?  But don’t stop there.  Compare that to a cop committing a crime against anyone: white or black, male or female, young or old.  I can find you plenty of examples of white people being victims of police brutality.  Do you think that justice will actually be served? 

It usually isn’t.

So that’s why there’s the rioting. 

Maybe other people shouldn’t just always assume that the police act correctly and so they remain quiet and submissive.  Open your eyes and see the injustice that is encountered by everyone.

This isn’t to say that there’s not an exaggeration of white on black racism by those who use cases like Ferguson as an excuse for spouting their rhetoric, but try to see past that.  Be better than that.

Just because racism was not in play does not mean that a murder did not happen.