TCRN: Is there a problem with being idealistic?


My latest from The Conscious Resistance.

As a libertarian, I’m often told, “You’ll never get what you want” and “You’re being too idealistic.”

It’s true, the likelihood that we achieve a society free from all harmful coercion and where all transactions are peaceful is very slim.  But is arguing for that being “too idealistic?”

If I believe that it is wrong for the institution known as the state to force peaceful people to act a certain way, then I should consistently condemn all instances of it.  If I think that the Federal Reserve and central banking bring the most benefit to the elites of the world at the expense of everyone else, then I had better speak my conscience.  If I think that the police should not enforce laws where there are no victims when the law is broken, then I ought to speak out when they do enforce them.

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