On Austin Petersen’s deadly anarchy claim


A lot of us within the liberty movement have been very critical of Austin Petersen and his presidential run.  He has himself a nice history of juvenile comments and expressing views that are antithetical to libertarianism.  His “5 Reasons Why I Am Not an Anarchist,” which I rebutted, created a stir, but he then never defended any of his claims in any manner that could be considered substantive.

He specifically has been critical of the non-aggression principle (NAP).  Anarchyball has been posting this screenshot of Petersen’s thoughts about the NAP and how statelessness would result in some “strong” people running around on violent sprees against whomever they wanted.

Austin NAP

Here are my thoughts on the silliness of such a claim—a claim that demonstrates he really doesn’t understand the basics of libertarian thought.