Episode 1 – Does he deserve to be punished?

CAUCUSUS---SLUG: Ingushetia DATE: October 8, 2009 CREDIT: Andrea Bruce LOCATION: Ingushetia, russia CAPTION: Guns are shot in the air to celebrate the wedding party for Medina Khamkoyeva. The wedding took place in a wealthy but traditional Ingushetia home. Ingushetia is one of Russia's poorest and most restive regions. The ongoing military conflict in neighboring Chechnya has occasionally spilled into Ingushetia, and the republic has been destabilized by corruption and a number of high-profile crimes. ( NOT FOR RESALE OR DISTRIBUTION--contact Andrea at andrea@andreabruce.com if there are inquiries) StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on Sun Oct 18 08:20:02 2009

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On the inaugural episode of our podcast, we talk about a story local to our hometowns about an 18-year-old, Dominic Love, who was arrested for allegedly firing a shot in the air presumably to break up a fight.  Was it a crime?  Should he get in trouble for it?

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