Episode 1 – Does he deserve to be punished?

Dominic Love

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On the inaugural episode of our podcast, we talk about a story local to our hometowns about an 18-year-old, Dominic Love, who was arrested for allegedly firing a shot in the air presumably to break up a fight.  Was it a crime?  Should he get in trouble for it?

What constitutes a crime?  Must there be an injured party involved?  Should the intent of the actions matter?

Furthermore, should the police be trusted to acknowledge and understand these issues?  Or are they simply programmed to catch people who break the law in an effort to make themselves appear to be good?  After all, look at how they track their metrics.  They care about arrests and taking “bad” people off the street.  Who are the “bad” people?  They are people who break the law.  And since most people don’t care to take a moment to think about whether the law is justified, the police are usually given free reign to enforce the law however they need to.

If nothing else, it makes for silliness.  Is it really necessary to hunt a guy like Dominic Love down?  It uses up scarce resources.  And while they’re using those resources to hunt down Dominic Love, they can no longer use those resources for actually protecting the community from truly violent criminals.

We’re not saying that Dominic Love is the greatest guy in the world (we don’t know him).  We’re saying that knee jerk and emotional responses to what happened are not appropriate.

Upper Darby cops nab fugitive teen in gun incident

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