Episode 2 – Cornell stabbing, Colin Kaepernick, and speed limits

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We follow up on the topic from Episode 1 with a story about a recent stabbing at Cornell University and then discuss Colin Kaepernick taking a seat during the national anthem. We finish the episode talking about a somewhat recent change in the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph in Pennsylvania.

We’re not here to say, “I told you so,” but the death of the Ithaca College student as a result from a fight at Cornell University follows the lines of thought we discussed in Episode 1.  If someone fired a gun off to prevent the fight from happening, would the death have occurred?  We don’t know for sure since every situation is different, but we do know that the fight never happened in the Love incident.

Colin Kaepernick made waves in the news for something that probably wasn’t all that newsworthy.  He took a seat during the national anthem and everyone lost their minds over it.  He was making a statement about the political climate and police brutality.  But how dare he not pay homage to a song!  Doesn’t he know that he’s disrespecting all of the men and women who died to protect his freedom?!

Finally, Pennsylvania decided to change the speed limits on a number of their highways.  What changed?  One day you’re breaking the law and subject to a fine and the next day you’re completely within the confines of the law despite driving the same exact speed.  Does it really make any sense?

Police: Ithaca student fatally stabbed in ‘large fight’ at Cornell
Episode 1 – Does he deserve to be punished?

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