Episode 38 – Responding to common arguments against illegal immigration

illegal immigrants

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ICE has recently targeted a mushroom farm in Chester County, PA and arrested a number of immigrants.  They apparently did all of this without a warrant and without targeting anyone specifically.  Since this is Rollo’s neck of the woods, he wrote a blog post yesterday criticizing ICE.  Someone left a comment that Slappy and Rollo thought was worth spending an episode on going through and rebutting it line by line.

Blog post containing the comment that is the topic of the episode
Philly.com article about the ICE raid on the Chester County, PA mushroom farm

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Hey, Rollo and Slappy. Enjoyed your podcast! I’m still amazed how many arguments for prohibition list problems created by prohibition itself. Several of the issues mentioned in the post – they don’t learn English, they don’t (directly) pay property taxes, they don’t naturalize – are a consequence of the very immigration laws he probably supports. (The arguments against drugs, prostitution, and other nonviolent, consensual ‘crimes’ are equally obtuse.) For example, illegal immigrants are largely ineligible to ever naturalize. It’s immensely difficult to own property as an illegal immigrant. It’s challenging to learn a language as an adult under normal circumstances,… Read more »