Kurt Schlichter suggests committing genocide in the Middle East

Kurt Schlichter genocide

Kurt Schlichter was on the Chris Stigall Show this morning talking about Donald Trump’s speech announcing his plan to begin a surge in Afghanistan.  Schlichter believes that the military needs to be uncuffed from the typical rules of engagement and allowed to kill the enemy however it needs to.

If only it were that clean.  If only civilians were never caught in the crossfire and the United States’ years of war weren’t causing more harm than good.  But instead of acknowledging any real drawbacks to his view, he simply acted as though they didn’t—or couldn’t—exist.

He had no actual response to (of all people) Ann Coulter’s comments that Donald Trump has succumbed to the military industrial complex other than mocking her sentiment.  He went on to mock the people in the Middle East who are killed when their weddings are bombed by US strikes and casually dismissed the idea that the strikes would kill anyone but terrorists.  Perhaps he just agrees with the state’s definition of an enemy combatant, which includes any man of military age in the war zone.

But Schlichter wasn’t done.  Someone tweeted at both Stigall and Schlichter:

@ChrisStigall I agree wholeheartedly w/ @KurtSchlichter let our warriors kick ass & win & break the will of our enemies!  No more LOAC.

When asked if he were referring to genocide, this person responded:

I speak of winning by any means necessary.  Make being a terrorist so regrettable that no one would dare to attack USA or her allies.

I asked, “But doesn’t this ‘total war’ application make the people whose families are killed and homes destroyed want payback?  Blowback is real.”

At this point Schlichter jumped in to respond.  He said, “Not if they’re dead.”

Schlichter is saying that the solution to blowback from the wars of the United States is to kill anyone who would be affected.  That basically means that everyone should be killed where the war is fought.  That means genocide.  There’s not really any other way to interpret that (especially when genocide was already brought up).

It’s absolutely disgusting.  Schlichter has a total disregard for human life.

What’s even more insane about all of this is that Schlichter’s comments are part of “polite society.”  Only a small minority of people will take any sort of real umbrage to his call for genocide.  Juxtapose this with the reaction someone would get nowadays for saying that he doesn’t mind if a statue of a Confederate figure stays up.

We have a way to go in society.

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