Episode 55 – Mark Shea says libertarianism is incompatible with Catholicism, but we rebut him

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Mark Shea has a blog on Patheos.com called “Catholic and Enjoying It!” that I stumbled upon the other day.  Both Slappy and I are practicing Catholics and we both agree that our libertarian views are not only compatible but also complimentary to our Catholic views.  So when we see a fellow Catholic come after our views on libertarianism, it piques our interest.

Mark Shea really lays into libertarianism, but the entirety of his arguments is wrong.  He either doesn’t understand libertarianism or doesn’t want to understand.  And that’s a shame because libertarianism aims to correct the many injustices of the world.  Shea takes an extremely childish approach to his critique, using one of the more basic straw man arguments that libertarians don’t care about anyone:

The Libertarian answer to a widow Trump wants to toss into the street so he can grab her land and build a casino is, “You’re on your own” and that the true tragedy is when a state superior court judge interferes to inflict “violence” on Trump to prevent him from doing as he pleases.

It’s frustrating to have people assume that you believe something because you’re evil.  We certainly would give Shea the benefit the doubt that he had good intentions if we came across his views.

So as a thank you for his thoughts on libertarianism, we’re going to rebut his article accusing libertarianism of being incompatible with Catholicism line by line.

Article discussed by Mark Shea: Libertarianism is incompatible with the faith
A Simple Fool’s rebuttal to the article: Did you know libertarianism is incompatible with Catholicism?
Rebuttal to Mark Shea’s accusation that libertarians are eugenicists: Mark Shea incorrectly critiques libertarian views on health care

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