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brave the world charlottesville

Episode 53 – Brave The World talks about Charlottesville and how we should treat...

There’s been a lot of virtue signaling over the last week or so regarding what happened in Charlottesville.  Yes, everyone hates the Nazis...
feminists free market

Feminists should be free market advocates

I was wandering around the internet today and came across an old picture from a feminist protest shown above.  Something interesting caught my attention...
Chain Reaction podcast

Rollo guests on the Chain Reaction podcast talking about private regulation in oil refining

I was a guest on the Chain Reaction podcast with Jeremiah Harding and Jeremiah Mitchell from the site TimeToFree.Us.  The topic of discussion was...
Gary Johnson Jeremiah Harding

Episode 52 – Jeremiah Harding on Gary Johnson

This one is going to be fun.  After Rollo just appeared on his show to talk about private regulation in the oil refinery...
charlottesville reactionary

How reactionary tendencies can escalate what’s happening in Charlottesville

You have no idea how much I despise the things going on Charlottesville, VA right now.  Both sides are filled with petulant children who...