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bitcoin experts fools

The experts are making fools of themselves over bitcoin

As bitcoin’s price has risen, so has its popularity.  While many in the libertarian world have been aware and supportive of bitcoin for years...

Roy Moore lost the election. Meanwhile your government is still committing genocide

I didn’t follow much of this Roy Moore vs Doug Jones election in Alabama.  In fact, I don’t really follow any elections anymore.  I...
date intersectional feminist

Episode 69 – Would we last past the first date with an intersectional feminist?

Slappy came across an article by Lara Witt the other day called “10 Thing Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask on a First Date”...

You’re doing liberty wrong: Liberty Hangout on drug testing welfare recipients

If you ever wanted a metaphor for punching yourself in the face, look no further than the guys at Liberty Hangout trying to mash...

“But I Still Respect The Troops”

"But I still respect the troops" is testament to how strong military propaganda is in the United States.  It's a line I hear after...