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Mexican voter ID

The irony of James Woods supporting Mexican voter ID cards

The lack of a functional ideology or philosophical base will often put you at risk for severe cases of cognitive dissonance, contradictions, and the...

1000 Embryos vs. a 5-year-old

On Twitter today I came across this thread, retweeted by Michael Malice. The original thread is short, so you can read the whole argument,...
state must provide basic needs

Episode 61 – Is it true that the state must provide basic necessities?

One of the main concerns among people is how basic needs would be met.  A lot of libertarians think the answer is obvious—otherwise...
michael huemer

Episode 60 – In defense of Michael Huemer’s “Is Taxation Theft?” piece

The Cato Institute tweeted an article from their site,, with the text “If #TaxationIsTheft (and it is), does it follow that we...

Parable of the Two Sons

When I wrote about the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard last week, I mentioned that Christ's teachings are remarkably consistent with libertarian...