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Lynn Stuart Parramore responds to my critique and demonstrates her massive contradiction

Last night, I posted a response to Lynn Stuart Parramore’s Salon.com/AlterNet.org article that claimed she had three facts that would make “libertarian heads explode.”  While none of her facts provided evidence to prove anything about libertarianism incorrect, I chose to focus on one topic in particular: Parramore’s claim that streetlights were a public good that…


Edwin Lyngar of Salon.com has predictable (and lame) reasons for fleeing libertarianism

I stumbled across an article on Salon.com this morning by Edwin Lyngar called “Why I fled libertarianism—and became a liberal.”  It was, well, an interesting (?) read and I suppose somewhat confirmed my opinions about the weird cult of politics that we have in this country. To very briefly summarize, Lyngar left libertarianism because of…

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