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Social Media Censorship and Free Speech

I’ve been noticing a lot of bans, ad removal notices, and ambiguous statements in community standards lately for Facebook/Google. What do you guys think? #DontExposeEvil New Facebook Rules: Google censors anti-war blog: Bitcoin Not Bombs Pro-Peace Meme Contest: Technology Companies DO lobby the State: Follow on twitter @ theconsciousRN and katy_khaos Find more…


Net Neutrality is Bad: Ep. 2

…but there is a silver lining. It’s sucha big topic, I just had to make two videos to begin to cover it! Link farm: First video:… Alternatives:……………… Jeffrey Tucker’s article:… Follow on twitter @ theconsciousrn and katy_khaos Find my channel!…


TCRN: Is there a problem with being idealistic?

My latest from The Conscious Resistance. As a libertarian, I’m often told, “You’ll never get what you want” and “You’re being too idealistic.” It’s true, the likelihood that we achieve a society free from all harmful coercion and where all transactions are peaceful is very slim.  But is arguing for that being “too idealistic?” If…

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