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Questionable Podesta Emails

  No, I don’t support Donald Trump. Share your Wikileaks finds below! This video is way more thorough, you should watch it: Saudi Arabia: Unaware and compliant citizens: Wetworks:  


Teachers’ Union HATES Homeschooling

The National Education Association (NEA) recently made some statements in their 2014-15 resolution that clearly show how much they detest homeschooling–despite it consistently producing the best academic outcomes for students!!! I talk about what they say with my own responses mixed in. Read my Tony Stiles article!!!Teachers-Union-Hates-Homeschooling/c1nni/559c659a0cf2e0b7612d239b Check out how awesome homeshoolers are:: Follow…


Arguments Against Vaccines

I discuss the factors that make me concerned and skeptical about vaccines. Leave comments below! Tony Stiles Article:!Government-Skepticism-but-not-with-Vaccines/c1nni/5577041a0cf219f17731c68f Mary Tocco: Mama Natural Vaccine Series: Dr. Paul: CDC Whistleblower: Dr. Tenpenny: Katy Khaos Vaccine Playlist: Money corruption: Ingredients: Chronic Disease: Follow on twitter @ theconsciousrn and…


Pro-Vaccine Arguments from a Conscious Parent-To-Be

I discuss possible reasons why parents might want to vaccinate according to schedule. I am very honest, vulnerable and raw here. No topic is as real as one that affects you and your family directly. Watch out for the partner anti-vaccine video, coming soon! Leave comments below! Pro-Vax material: My vaccination playlist:…


Circumcision Debate: The BIG Picture

The ethical argument, female privilege and mainstream parenting inconsistencies….. Check out my “Circumcision Discoveries: The Little Picture” video: Read my article:!Breaking-the-Norms-of-Male-Genital-Mutilation/c1nni/556094370cf2487417528a7d Follow on twitter @katy_khaos !!

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