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What if the owners of roads decide they don’t want anyone to use them?

If you’ve truly accepted the principles of libertarianism, you’re interested in privatizing everything.  In your conversations with people about privatization, you’ll inevitably end up talking about everyone’s favorite topic—roads.  Although many people believe this to signify “checkmate,” all you need to imagine a system of private roads free from the influences of government is a…


A word about right-to-work

There have been a few states pass right-to-work laws recently.  As you can imagine, it’s lit a firestorm of debate between both conservatives and liberals over the nature of the relationship among employers, unions, and government. What should a government do?  Should it regulate the relationships between employer and employee?  Should it prevent unions from…


The Evils of Outsourcing?

It’s been one of the major battle cries against “big business” for the past several years.  It’s been ruining the economy and is just another way for companies to abuse their workers.  And it won’t stop until it puts the United States economy to a screeching halt. It is…outsourcing. Outsourcing is one of the few…

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