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Villanova basketball and praxeology

Villanova University is about to see an increase in applications in the near future.  Did the education you can get there suddenly become better?  Did the price of tuition drop?  Do businesses want Villanova graduates more than graduates of other schools?  Did people finally realize that Drexel is only a decent school for engineering? None…


Inflation and prices

I was having a discussion on Twitter today about minimum wage. I was arguing that minimum wage should not be raised and should not even exist at all since it does not solve the root causes of why it’s even considered necessary in the first place. That root cause is inflation. But there are many…


Lynn Stuart Parramore responds to my critique and demonstrates her massive contradiction

Last night, I posted a response to Lynn Stuart Parramore’s Salon.com/AlterNet.org article that claimed she had three facts that would make “libertarian heads explode.”  While none of her facts provided evidence to prove anything about libertarianism incorrect, I chose to focus on one topic in particular: Parramore’s claim that streetlights were a public good that…


AlterNet.org’s Lynn Stuart Parramore is helping me solve the streetlight free rider problem

Watch out, libertarians.  Lynn Stuart Parramore is about to make your head explode.  In her article published today on both Salon.com and AlterNet.org called 3 inconvenient facts that make libertarians’ heads explode, Parramore discusses one of the more pressing issues in the libertarian community: streetlights.  She’s talking about public goods and the free rider “problem”…

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