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Libertarianism and the starving child

“What should we do about the kids?” It’s not just a question parents discuss when they need a babysitter, it’s also a question asked of libertarianism.  Since libertarianism often deals with transactions and associations, i.e. activities requiring consent, it’s usually fairly straightforward when the subjects are adults.  But what happens when children are the subjects? …

Gary Johnson, Non-Aggression Principle

The ironic defense of Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson’s inability to answer a simple question about whether the Constitution was compatible with the Non-Aggression Principle has stirred debate among libertarians.  While plenty have been critical of him, there have been those who have come to his defense and have attempted to rationalize Johnson’s answer.  J. Wilson of the A Libertarian Future offered…


Taxation is not theft?

The new “thing” among libertarians over the last few days is posting “taxation is theft” memes.  And according to this meme, it’s led to a big spike in searches by curious people (or it’s just libertarians seeing how high their memes rank on image search).  So I decided to Google “taxation is theft” to see…

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