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Minarchy and the state of rights

Though pragmatism may be your goal, stopping short of fully following your ideology to its logical conclusion may cause contradictions. Within the libertarian movement, minarchists are just as supportive of the right to property as anyone else, but when the mechanics of those rights spill over into how other things might work, it becomes apparent…


The minarchist confusion about securing property rights

I recently had a discussion on Twitter with several minarchists/limited-government Constitutionalists (for the sake of this discussion, I will group both of these groups into the term “minarchist”) about whether the free market could handle police protection services better than the state could. Throughout the conversation, I noticed several contradictions in their arguments, some as…


Matt Bruenig does not understand the difference between property and taxation when it comes to coercion

Political blogger Matt Bruenig wrote a recent people entitled “How the property is coercive violence move functions in the debate” where he makes the claim that “property is obviously coercive violence” and so the libertarian position against taxation because it is coercive is contradictory. I think he nefariously ignores the fact that he’s falsely equating…

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