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Why the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage isn’t actually a good thing

The recent Supreme Court ruling that requires all states to issue licenses for same-sex marriages has created a chorus of people celebrating some newfound sense of equality. Finally, they say, the equal rights that heterosexual couples have enjoyed for years are being bestowed upon gay couples. They are, however, celebrating a false victory. This is…


Minarchy and the state of rights

Though pragmatism may be your goal, stopping short of fully following your ideology to its logical conclusion may cause contradictions. Within the libertarian movement, minarchists are just as supportive of the right to property as anyone else, but when the mechanics of those rights spill over into how other things might work, it becomes apparent…


Don’t fear the nullification

Although it is completely within the individual’s right to do, many people are uncomfortable with the notion of jury nullification. People tend to like order. Having a set of rules being applied to everyone helps keep life simple and tidy. The idea of jury nullification is therefore concerning because the order provided by the law…


The minarchist confusion about securing property rights

I recently had a discussion on Twitter with several minarchists/limited-government Constitutionalists (for the sake of this discussion, I will group both of these groups into the term “minarchist”) about whether the free market could handle police protection services better than the state could. Throughout the conversation, I noticed several contradictions in their arguments, some as…

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