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It is late at night but over the last few weeks I’ve had countless ideas to write about, and never got to any of them.  Earlier today I had a few ideas so I’m going to tease them a bit here and expand on them later….unless I think of something that interests me more in the mean time!

First, why are people married to politicians and political parties?  I don’t mean the first lady, I mean people generally don’t read legislation or care to find out what is in any bill, they either like it because their party wrote it, or dislike it because the other party wrote it.  I find that most people, at least most people my age, never challenge anything they hear.  Even if they think they disagree, they just dismiss it.  I’m going to write about why I think people do that.

Second, I have several teachers among my friends and family.  Generally they are Democrat, and generally they are against No Child Left Behind.  I know very little about the law, but my hunch is that I do not like it.  I’m going to read up on it, and maybe even read the law if I can stay awake through it, then report back my thoughts on it.  My reason for looking at it is because it is easy for “Democrats” (I put that in quotes because I believe most are Democrat in name and voting habits only, not in real ideology, they just don’t know it yet) to hate the bill because Bush signed it.  They forget the fact that it was overwhelmingly bipartisan and Ted Kennedy sponsored it. It makes me think many of them have no idea how laws are passed.  I’ve never heard that Ted Kennedy is killing schools, and like always, it is Bush’s fault.

The third topic I have in mind is that I am going to do a quick poll of friends and family and ask them what economics is.  I have a feeling few of them have a clue and most will say something like, “it is the study of money”.  I’ll let you know!

God bless freedom, liberty, and personal property,

Slappy Jones II

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