I hate politics


I cringe whenever someone introduces me to another person with “Meet Rollo.  He’s really into politics.”

I hate politics.

If you’ve read this blog at all, the reason why should be obvious.  I don’t care which side fits best with my personal beliefs, I believe that people should be able to live free, unhampered lives.  I have no interest in being a part of the political process other than to dismantle it.

I used to be into politics.  I would watch Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity nearly every night and would follow the happenings in Washington pretty closely.  I used to get furious over whatever silly policy Obama came out with.  Now, whenever I hear that Obama does something ridiculous, my response is “Do you want me to act surprised?”  I have the same reaction whenever I hear about an apparent Republican “freedom fighter” have a goof up that favors statism.

What end does a heavy involvement in politics serve?

Politics only hinder the pursuit of experimenting with voluntary exchange and free markets.  I think that’s neat and worthy of my time and effort.  I don’t think that deciding whom I should coerce is something I want to pursue.

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Politics is violence. I was going to write a similar post, but you kind of stole my thunder. At the end of the day politics comes down to, “Do as I say, or I go to your house with a gun and throw your ass in jail”