Required Reading: Larken Rose “How They See You”


This is being filed under “Required Reading,” but I figure I’d give you a video instead.

This is Larken Rose’s “How They See You.”  He explains what the politicians are thinking and why it’s useless to try to petition them to make changes.  They simply do not care about you and me.

I’ve had so many people I’ve talked to agree that “politicians are all scumbags and liars.”  But while they agree with that statement, they swear by the system that puts those same politicians into power.  It’s pure insanity!

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I’ve met at least a dozen politicians and I really liked all but one of them. Not sure that any of them intentionally lied are are actively trying to rip me off. I think they’re like cops in that I like 48/50 cops I meet. Border Patrol, Immigration, mostly I get along with all I meet. Though they all routinely do something totally unconstitutional and unlawful each and every day, I still don’t think they’re “scumbags and liars,” I think mostly they’re trying to find balance through a system which cannot allow for such. While the lobbyists are allowed on… Read more »