David Angelo of eEconomics shows us a wonderful trick on how to never again pay ATM fees


In a relatively recent episode of David Angelo’s eEconomics, entitled “Financial Regulation,” one of the topics explored in the video is ATM fees.  Of course, there’s a politician making the case that these fees need regulation via government intervention.

David Angelo, however, shows us a wonderful trick to avoid these aggravating fees.  I thought this trick was so useful that I figured it should be unburied from the rest of the video and be able to be easily transmitted from person to person so that everyone could share this wonderful knowledge.  The means I used, of course, is the animated GIF.

Enjoy: 2012-12-26 David Angelo ATM TrickJust remember, when the government decides they need to regulate something, they’re usually ignoring the fact that there’s an alternative available to the consumer, i.e. competition.

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Don’t most banks refund fees anyways? I thought that was pretty standard by now.

Rollo McFloogle

My credit union does. Once again, the government is a step behind…