Bilderberg 2014: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark


The 2014 Bilderberg Conference is underway in Copenhagen, Denmark where some mysterious individuals are meeting to talk about some mysterious topics. Yes, it’s creepy. And I wouldn’t care about it, but they’re using money taken from people in the form of taxes to fund much of the event. Furthermore, there are political implications for much of the world due to the intimate relationship it has with government. So of course I want to know what others are planning for my life.

Although the mainstream media isn’t very interested in Bilderberg, Julia Tourianski of Brave The World along with some others like and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change have been covering the event. Here is Tourianski’s Day 2 update:

It was so lovely of them to set up something of a free speech zone outside of the hotel. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this in recent months, so there is a rather disturbing trend occurring.

What’s especially striking about this is how similar these free speech zones are to the one featured in the show “Arrested Development.”

Lindseys Cage Dance by LiveWithFun

What was comedy then turned out to be a rather spot-on prediction. And like the depiction in the show, the practice of a free speech zone is generally completely tolerated.

Demand justification and proof of legitimacy for those who claim authority over you. Do not simply accept the status quo.