Muh English! Drudge Report fans have a cow over a Spanish-speaking school


In today’s edition of “I didn’t read the article but I wrote a fiery comment anyway,” we look at a Facebook post by Matt Drudge of a link with a caption that said, “Philly preschool opens next year with an ‘all-Spanish curriculum’…”

If you’re an all-American patriotic conservative Republican, this may be the worst news you’ve received all day—maybe all week.

And the Drudge faithful wasted no time voicing (in English, of course) their displeasure. Here are some of their better lines:

America it was a nice run before it got f***ed up by all the damn liberals.

Yup, American sure was nice when the school curriculum was chosen by patriotic Americans and you could own a black person as a slave.

I think we need someone to discover America again…..we seem to have lost it!

Learn English, how about that!

How about you learn English and learn about when to use a question mark?

Whose funding the school? Follow the money trail.

Oh, we will.

Why?? Is this not America? Mexico won’t have an English curriculum there!

Creating an even more divided country, not even held together by a common language. This is what you call the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

Muh English!

This is BS and will not help them get jobs in America. If they’re illegal, I don’t want them in our schools, taking teacher’s time away from US citizens….send them home

All Spanish curriculums belong in Spanish-speaking countries. As of now, the US is still an English-speaking country. How long does that last when this nonsense happens!

Again…Muh English!

People better wake up before it’s to late !!!

You thought you were safe until you found out that preschoolers were speaking Spanish in your own neighborhood!

Ummmm this is America. We speak english here. If you don’t like it then LEAVE. They sure as hell wouldn’t/don’t do it in their country.

And if Mexico jumped off a bridge, would you?

Of course. Good by America. We will soon be a 3rd world county!

Ironically, it appears that English wasn’t this person’s first language.

I thought one of the purposes of school was to teach about the real world. Last I heard, people in Philadelphia were an English speaking people.


This is America, libtards

And the list goes on…

Now, if you were one of the few people that actually read the article, you’d realize that this school is a private school. And some people did leave comments saying explaining this. The apparent publicist for the school even chimed in with a comment of her own:

Hello commenters. As the publicist who placed this story in Al Dia, I thought you all might be interested to know that 1. This is a PRIVATE preschool. 2. It is not funded in any way by taxpayers, the government, or any other public contribution. 3. Language immersion is a tool for raising bilingual children who continue to speak perfect English and use it as their primary language. 4. There are hundreds of language immersion schools across the country from the preschool through high school levels, both public and private, with phenomenal education records. 5. The majority of students at this preschool will likely not come from Spanish-speaking homes. We expect a very diverse demographic. 6. There was no reason for this to have been posted on Drudge Report, but we welcome the opportunity to share the news of our school opening!

I’m not sure, however, that this would matter to some of these people. Despite what many of these commenters think, a school that is able to choose its own curriculum without funding from the government is a win for markets and a blow to “liberal agenda.” They jumped on spreading their vitriol faster than Nancy Pelosi jumps on a bad idea.

Though many pay nice lip service to free markets and capitalism, conservatives are often quick to reject them when the outcomes don’t suite their own preferences. In this case, the reason for the rejection is their xenophobia and its overall aim at Mexicans (or anyone who looks Mexican) when it comes to immigration. It’s usually disguised as or confused with patriotism.

If being a good citizen means getting angry that others speak a different language in this country, then no wonder I don’t care about being a “good citizen.”

Why does it matter if people speak something other than English? If America is supposed to be the land of the free, why should you get upset about people exercising their right to speak the language of their choice? Isn’t that free speech? How is your way of life threatened by people who choose to speak a language that is different from yours?

Maybe some people need to evaluate the reasons they hold some of their positions.