The game Ross Ulbricht must play


Imagine you’re playing a game.

The official overseeing the game continuously rules against your favor, even when you were following the rules previously provided by that same official. You notice that your opponent is not facing the same scrutiny. You even notice that your opponent is making up rules throughout the game. And instead of the official correcting your opponent, he validates the made-up rules.

This is what happens when your opponent and the supposedly unbiased officiator play for the same team. Your chances of winning are nominal.

This is the game that Ross Ulbricht is forced to play. And his freedom—as well as yours and mine—is what is at stake.

The prosecution and court officials are employees of the state and are tasked with fairly trying Ulbricht in the court of law. How fairly do you expect they’ll play the game?

So far, it has gone as one might expect it: The state is ignoring its own laws, bringing up false charges, and withholding evidence from the Ulbricht defense team.

But there is a glimmer of hope.

Even if they agree that a defendant has broken the law, a jury can legally decide to acquit him. This is why it is so important to use something other than what the law says as a benchmark for your ethical judgments. After all, laws are written by corrupt politicians and their lobbyists. As time passes, we find more and more of their laws being struck down as unjust. That’s because as time passes, we as a society learn to treat each other with more love, respect, and dignity.

But we still have work to do. Ross isn’t the only person suffering the consequences of acting on his own conscience instead of using the morals of the state.

So how should we deal with cases like this?

With the previously mentioned love and respect for your fellow human beings in mind, ask this question: “Was there a victim for this so-called crime?” If the answer is no, then regardless of what the law says, you must acquit. Though the masters don’t give us much power over the state, this simple idea can bring about significant change.

And this is exactly why the prosecution is terrified of the ideas of nullification reaching the jury.

Google “jury nullification” and talk to your family and friends about it.

Spread the word and help Free Ross.


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Stand up for yourself: Free Ross Ulbricht

A special thanks to our friend Katy Khaos for helping us with the video.  You can find her great Youtube channel here.