How Can You Say You Are Pro-Cop?


I’ve seen a lot of people changing their Facebook profile picture to a blue square, a blue line, a police badge, or some other police symbol. I’ve even seen a few saying, “If you are anti police then unfriend me”. I’m sure a lot of it is an emotional response to the cold-blooded murders of NYPD earlier this week, but please, how does this make any sense?

Are you saying that police officers are infallible? Is it possible that they might make a mistake? Is it unrealistic to think that some might let their power go to their head? Why should anyone blindly support the police? It makes about as much sense as blindly supporting all computer programmers, teachers, plumbers, or engineers. If someone does something immoral or violates someone else’s rights, then that person should not be supported by anyone.

I know there are police officers who are concerned with the growing police state. I’ve talked to a few who have told me they’re concerned. I heard John Whitehead, constitutional lawyer and author of over 20 books, on the Tom Woods Show say he talks to concerned police officers all the time. When a SWAT team raid murders 7 year old Aiyana Jones are we supposed to say, “Oops”? A little girl was murdered, but police have a tough job, if you don’t like it don’t call them when you need them. That is illogical and absurd.

Police officers, you have tremendous power. If there is a law that violates people’s rights, don’t enforce it! We all know there are bad laws on the books. At one time in this country we had the fugitive slave act (I’m using this example because I haven’t heard anyone today defend the law, it is an obviously bad law). Would you be proud if you knew or ancestors ignored the law, or would you rather be related to someone who says, “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them”. You are the front line; do not leave it up to a jury to decide someone’s fate. I’m sure you did not go to the police academy with dreams of ruining someone’s day over a rolled stop sign. You are not a hero for arresting someone who sells unapproved cigarettes.

I will never say I am pro-cop, or pro any profession. There are all kinds of people in every job. Blindly defending the muscle of the state can be very dangerous. It shouldn’t be, “you’re either with us or against us”. We are all individuals and we all make choices, and we are all responsible for our actions. People lose trust in law enforcement when officers defend, or do not turn in, bad cops. A police officer once told me that officers are their own biggest critics. If that is true, please, do not stand for bad policing!

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Everybody always seems to have to pick a side, be on a team. “I’m pro this, anti that.” It’s a pandemic.


It’s weird that people make excuses to defend police/military all the time. IMHO -One of the worst is the line “they put their life on the line every day”. So because someone voluntarily chose to join the police force or military, for pay none the less, and knowing the risks involved they get a pass? Not sure how that adds up