TCRN: The flag


Here is my latest article for The Conscious Resistance:

Every once in awhile, a huge controversy comes out that sets the entire country abuzz.  It’s something shocking, unexpected, and usually makes one group of people look pretty terrible.  Those involved go into damage control mode as the public sends its wrath upon them.  It is discussed at every workplace, school, church, and family dinner table.  People begin to feel anxious about the future.

I am of course talking about the pass interference flag that the referees picked up in the Cowboys/Lions game yesterday.

I find it absolutely amazing how upset people have gotten over it.  Okay, yes, it was a bad call, but to actually feel anger and distress (for longer than a few minutes while you’re watching the game) is pretty pathetic.  Facebook and Twitter feeds were dominated by people losing their minds over this call.  Many made strongly worded Facebook statuses to Dallas Cowboys fans the world over to let them know just how much they hated them.

Where are people’s priorities?

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