Mrs. Jones on banning Mohammad Images


I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I like listening to talk radio in the car.  It keeps me somewhat plugged in to what the mainstream Republicans are thinking and sometimes they even have interesting topics!  Earlier this week Mrs. Jones and I were listening to Rich Zeoli of 1210 WHPT.  The topic of discussion was whether or not we should ban pictures of the profit Mohammad after the recent shootings in Paris.

I can’t imagine this was actually Zeoli’s idea.  He is about as libertarian as it gets as far as radio hosts go and never even hinted that banning these pictures is a good idea. It had to come from a producer in an effort to try to spark discussion because I don’t think I’ve heard anyone anywhere actually suggest we should ban all pictures of an Islamic prophet.  But please correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, when we listen to talk radio I like to keep my mouth shut so I can get Mrs. Jones’s reaction without any input from me. When they went to a break she turned to me and said, “Well, if we ban all pictures of Mohammad and someone still printed one anyway, wouldn’t the people who enforce the ban become the terrorists?”

That’s an interesting way to put it.  Just because some group of elected people decide something is a crime, doesn’t mean it is actually a crime.   Hopefully some day our friends and neighbors tasked with enforcing these arbitrary laws will realize this and act appropriately.  If my great-grandfather was a cop, I’d be much more proud to hear stories of him having a beer in a speakeasy while “not seeing anything” than I would be if there were stories of him busting up the people and the beer.  What do you think?