Bernie Sanders is a vulture standing over Sam Walton


This week, Bernie Sanders went on the attack against Donald Trump for his plan to repeal the estate tax.  He singled out the Walton family, the owners of Walmart, pointing out that if the federal tax were repealed, the government would not get a hold of $53 billion:

The Walton family of Walmart would get a $53 billion tax break if the estate tax is repealed, which is what Trump wants.

Bernie Sanders is upset at the prospect of losing out on that money.  Why does he feel entitled to it?  It is because in his view the government has the authority to tax.  Therefore, whatever the government determines is taxable, such as income, investments, transactions, etc., is acceptable to take.

But what is especially sick about the estate tax to be levied on Sam Walton is how Sanders is standing over him like a vulture waiting for him to die so that he can feast.  That’s reason to make you uncomfortable: Bernie Sanders doesn’t see you as a person with loved ones to whom you’d like to pass your wealth along to after you pass away.  He sees you as a piggybank waiting to be broken.

What would we say about a child who complains about how is parents spend their money because of what it might do to his inheritance?  That is pretty bad.  So what would you say about someone who feigns a relationship with the deceased person in order to take a cut of the inheritance?

Sometimes politicians give you a glimpse at the kind of person they really are.  This is a good example to show how cold of a person Bernie Sanders is.

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