Some thoughts on getting along despite different views

Close-up image of a firm handshake between two colleagues

If you find yourself unable to get along with people who have different political or social views than you, then there is a very good chance that it is your own fault. Even if the other party is a bit combative, it is amazing what some patience can do.

The vast majority of people are good and do not want harm to come upon others. Let’s not assume the worst about someone with whom you disagree. We all basically want the same thing: people should be able to live peaceful, productive lives so that they can pursue what matters to them.

So we generally agree on the “what,” but maybe we don’t agree on the “how.” That’s fine; we at least found some common ground to start. But if we brush someone off as stupid or evil, we will never have an opportunity to consider his or her ideas and our own minds will be left impoverished.

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