The absurd Russian hack accusation hypocrisy


While I do not believe the claims that Russia hacked the DNC to obtain the emails that Wikileaks eventually released (leading Democrats can’t even keep their stories straight over what happened), the levels of hypocrisy being shown by US government officials is amazing. They are astounded that a foreign government would try to influence the selection of the rulers of a sovereign country.

But why are they so offended? They do it all the time.

The United States has a long history of engaging in “regime change” around the globe. People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama openly discuss and pursue it. What do you think they are doing in Syria with Assad?

If they weren’t tilting at windmills, then maybe I would think that their objection to the interference is that it was rather bloodless. US-led interference overseas usually comes with massive civilian casualties and property loss.

President Obama, what makes it okay for you to engage in espionage, tampering, and outright overthrows of governments and not okay when someone else does it?