Take your #MuslimBan protests and shove it


No, I don’t support the restrictions on Muslim immigration and movement into the country.  And what I’m about to say certainly does not apply to everyone who has issues with the bans.  You know where you fall.

The “Muslim ban” is bad and should not exist, so the idea of protesting it is of course not wrong.  I take issue, however, with the bulk of the protestors for their over the top partisanship.  They don’t seem to care about what is happening, but instead only care because it is Donald Trump doing it.

Are we really to believe that detaining some Muslims at the airport was the last straw for these people that led them to finally take action?  Why is that apparently so much worse than Barack Obama’s eight years of literally constant war that resulted in massive civilian casualties and directly led to the rise of ISIS?

You didn’t care when Obama’s drone strikes vaporized wedding and funeral gatherings.  You didn’t care when Obama restricted the entry of Cuban refugees into the country.  You didn’t care when Obama’s policy of active regime change led to political destabilization that allowed for extremist groups to seize power.

You waft with the ebb and flow of the political tides.  Your righteous indignation is not the product of some moral superiority.  It’s trendy to be critical of Donald Trump just as it was trendy to be a supporter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Want to go out on a limb and buck the system?  Try standing up against something when everyone else around you disagrees with you.

The sad part about all of this is that your protests might actually work to change the policy because you caused enough of a ruckus.  What makes this so horrible, however, is that if you actually were consistent in your action, then maybe you could have some influence on the endless wars the government is engaged in.  But instead, you choose to compartmentalize the war and violence issues.  You can overlook some of that icky stuff like crimes against humanity because your views are just so in line with a lot of other issues.

You care more about a politician’s patronizing words about group X than you do about the same politician’s bloodlust for war in the Middle East.

I have no respect for you.  You help make the world a terrible place for a lot of people.