Argh…these pirates show off their treasure chest

106th Precinct

It was fun to play pirates as a kid.  You’d close one eye to simulate an eye patch and hop around on one leg.  Maybe you were lucky enough to have a plastic sword to swing around.  If you didn’t have a sword, you’d make due with a cardboard tube or a stick.  And every pirate needs a ship, so patio furniture or a jungle gym could do just fine for that.

Most of us grew out of playing those games and wound up becoming adults with real jobs.  Those who could never grow out of it became police officers.  It’s not just a joke; there isn’t much of a difference between pirates and the police.

Pirates sailed around looking for other ships to catch up to and rob.  The police drive around looking for people to pull over and extort money out of.  Pirates searched for buried treasure.  The police search for contraband.

Just look at those two swashbucklers from the NYPD 106th Precinct in the picture above!  They’re fresh off a treasure hunt to nab a chest full of marijuana.  Great job, guys!  It’s good to know that with all of the unsolved thefts, rapes, and murders out there, you are spending your time arresting people for selling a plant.  And it’s a dangerous job because the laws that you enforce are exactly what creates the violent aspects of the drug trade.

I get it; they’re doing their jobs.  But when your job requires you to do something that is an obvious violation of another’s rights and you go ahead and do it, then you are responsible for your actions.

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Oudeicrat Annachrista
Oudeicrat Annachrista

this is like bragging about catching runaway slaves in kentucky in december 17th 1865