Episode 59 – Poor reasons for the cause of the Las Vegas shooting

cause of the las vegas shooting

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The country has gone through yet another senseless mass shooting.  This time it was in Las Vegas at a country music festival that left at least 58 dead and more than 500 wounded.  And predictably, everyone has an opinion on what could have been done to prevent such an event.  The loudest, of course, are the people who want to further regulate and sometimes outright ban guns.  They come out whenever a shooting occurs (unless of course when someone with a clear leftist agenda fires at Republican government officials) and they usually come with an arsenal of misleading information and outright lies.  Others, on the other hand, are quick to point the finger at a possible conspiracy from the state.  And many others claim that a good guy with a gun would have prevented the attack or at least significantly mitigated it.  Are these good responses on the heels of such an event or is there more to the cause of the Las Vegas shooting?

There’s so much data to be analyzed in an event such as this that it is almost impossible to identify the cause right after it happens.  And this is true for just about anything of moderate to high complexity.  We should be taking a step back and dispassionately looking at the data to come to logical conclusions.

But instead, people have no vision of any true problem solving and instead end up confirming their own biases.

An engineer’s perspective on the Orlando shooting

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