Episode 66 – NFL military propaganda

NFL military propaganda

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While watching the Sunday night football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys last night, commentators Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth lamented the fact that some great stories happening in the NFL on the field were being overshadowed by off the field antics and commotion.  The biggest of these is of course the National Anthem protests.  It continued yesterday as Donald Trump called for the NFL to suspend Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch after he stood for the Mexican national anthem but sat for the American national anthem in a game played in Mexico.

But the great play of the new crop of young quarterbacks that Michaels and Collingsworth were concerned about is not the most important thing we’re being distracted from.  All of this nonsense about sitting and standing during a song is making us not notice what’s happening right in front of us.  The United States government is engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to stir up support for its military.

It is absolutely over the top.  They used to have a soldier or two carry the flag out for the singing of the anthem and have a flyover from some military aircraft from time to time.  Now they’re marching brigades of troops onto the fields before the games with all of the pomp and circumstance they can muster.  And then on top of that, since apparently the viewers at home may not get to experience all of that, they run numerous commercials during the games to further propagandize their audience.  With so many impressionable minds watching, they know exactly what they’re doing.

And it’s sickening.

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