Episode 67 – Are statists unwittingly supporting an oligarchy?

statists supporting oligarchy

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We hear it all the time from people, especially when they’re defending some war that makes absolutely no sense.  The claim is always the same: “Okay, well, the candidate has what he’s running on, but once he’s elected, he gets sat down and they explain what’s really going on.”

This is such a tired excuse.  It does make logical sense that if someone has information that you do not have, then it may make decisions that don’t seem to make sense.  It’s only when you also have that information as well do you find yourself agreeing with the decision.

But there are a few problems with this because the logic is rarely, if ever, taken to its conclusions.  First of all, if you can claim that your politician has some special information or knowledge that the rest of us are unaware of, and should thus be free from criticism, then you cannot possibly criticize any politician.  Someone else can always make the claim that you’re lacking whatever information they have to make sense of their moves.

More importantly, however, if politicians are getting some special or secret information that about any given policy, how can you say that there is a representative government?  Clearly, if the voting public is not made privy to certain information—especially information that would drastically change someone’s views—how can they elect people to adequately represent them?  We explore these ideas in more depth in this week’s episode.

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