Roy Moore lost the election. Meanwhile your government is still committing genocide


I didn’t follow much of this Roy Moore vs Doug Jones election in Alabama.  In fact, I don’t really follow any elections anymore.  I gave up on politics awhile ago, so this just isn’t something that’s going to get me worked up.  But even though I had no interest in the election, it seemed like most of the rest of the world (or at least my world) did.  Now it’s finally over and Doug Jones is the apparent winner.  And everyone is rejoicing that Roy Moore, the accused child predator, lost.

I don’t mean to downplay the evils that Roy Moore all but certainly committed.  I suppose it’s not a bad thing that he’s being rebuked for it and not getting something that he wants.  But how much does this election change the world for better or for worse regardless of the winner?  If Roy Moore had won, I seriously doubt that it would be a boon for child molesters.  Society doesn’t tolerate that sort of behavior. What this election does, however, is give people a wildly exaggerated sense of accomplishment (even if they live nowhere near Alabama) and an excuse to pat themselves on the back.

Again, I guess it’s better to not have a predator in office than to have one, but while everyone’s high fiving and pumping their fists over this “rejection” of Roy Moore, the rest of their government is still committing atrocities around the world.  Specifically, Yemen is still on the brink of an absolute humanitarian catastrophe as a direct result of a war and blockade by Saudi Arabia that is supported by the United States government.  This policy was started by the Obama administration and has been carried on by the Trump administration.  This is basically how all of the foreign policy decisions have played out over the last bunch of administrations.  They’re all guilty of murdering innocent people through their foreign policy.

So I don’t want to hear it from either the Moore supporters or the Moore opponents.  While you’re each posturing for moral high ground over the other side, you’re both complacent in the genocide being committed by the rest of your government.  The same goes for just about any other disagreement in politics.  People focus so much on their pet issues that they brush aside everything else.  But that “everything else” includes fighting brutal and unjust wars.  It involves supporting terrorist groups that are your country’s sworn enemies when they’re fighting against a regime you don’t like.

Try bringing these issues up to the vast majority of people.  They might react to hearing about the genocide in Yemen with “Oh, that’s terrible,” but it will not have any effect on which politicians they support.  

I’m not saying that you should never think about anything other than war and that there are no other issues worth dealing with.  What I’m saying is that keeping Moore out of office doesn’t even chip the paint of the evil of the state.

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