Pino DiMeo

Episode 39 – The Pino DiMeo story: Keeping your money is not a crime

Pino DiMeo is a Philadelphia pizzeria owner who has recently been arrested for hiding his and his employees’ money from the IRS.  The...
Pino DiMeo IRS

Pino DiMeo is a Philadelphia pizzeria anti-tax hero

It’s funny what the state considers a crime sometimes.  Keeping your own money and making sure that your employees get to keep their own...
Hans Fiene

Hans Fiene of The Federalist and being a kid factory for the state

Hans Fiene of The Federalist wrote an absolute bomb of an article called “Why Men and Women Can Never Be ‘Just Friends’” where he...
taxation is theft

That time my cat taught me a libertarian lesson

My family used to have a cat who enjoyed food a lot.  For many cats, you can leave a full bowl of food out...
Harry Wilkinson Being Libertarian

The ridiculous rationalization of theft by Harry Wilkinson of Being Libertarian

Not long ago, I rebutted a piece on by Steven Sadowski where he argued that taxation is not theft.  Harry Wilkinson of
taxation is theft

The government just gets to take my money?

I recently got a letter from a bank informing me that I never cashed a check that they sent me way back in 2013. ...
fair tax voluntary

Consumption Tax is not Voluntary

Some Libertarians have argued that a consumption tax, sales tax, or value added tax (VAT) is voluntary.  They argue that if you do not...
taxation is theft

Sometimes people make up definitions to rationalize theft

It is usually more fun and quite possibly more important for me to respond to misunderstandings of libertarianism made by fellow libertarians than it...

Taxes: Just a box of a chocolates?

The other day, I found myself in a Twitter discussion when I answered someone who asked, “What’s the economic difference between a subsidy and...

Bernie Sanders is a vulture standing over Sam Walton

This week, Bernie Sanders went on the attack against Donald Trump for his plan to repeal the estate tax.  He singled out the Walton...