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Taxation 101

Bringin’ it back to the basics for any newbies that might stumble upon this channel Taxation is theft and highly immoral. The social contract does not exist. I forgot to mention Larken Rose’s Most Dangerous Superstition. Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson is great too. More videos: Follow me on twitter @ katy_khaos

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I Stand with Rand….JKLOL

Do you support Rand Paul for president?! Is he different than his father, Ron Paul? Keep calm Rand-Bots, the president is just a puppet anyway. Follow me on twitter @ katy_khaos.

rand paul

Is it okay to stand with Rand?

The recent announcement that Rand Paul has decided to run for President has triggered a range of responses from libertarians. Some are celebrating it and want all libertarians to get behind his candidacy while others are critical of some of his positions and want nothing to do with him. I’m personally not sold on him…


Let the bigots reveal themselves

I’ll admit it: I haven’t even read the so-called “religious freedom” law recently passed in Indiana.  But just judging by the commentary I’ve read, the general topic is worth discussing: many fear that allowing businesses to freely discriminate would lead to groups like the gay community being pushed to the fringes of society. First of…

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Social Media Censorship and Free Speech

I’ve been noticing a lot of bans, ad removal notices, and ambiguous statements in community standards lately for Facebook/Google. What do you guys think? #DontExposeEvil New Facebook Rules: Google censors anti-war blog: Bitcoin Not Bombs Pro-Peace Meme Contest: Technology Companies DO lobby the State: Follow on twitter @ theconsciousRN and katy_khaos Find more…

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