Sweden immigration

Episode 31 – Rollo’s trip to Sweden: Immigration, TSA, and Customs

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Rollo is back from his trip to Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the little tidbits of information that he learned about the apparent immigration crisis.  But what is really angering him is his experience with the TSA and Customs. Links Folketsdemostration.se (English translation) Folkets Demonstration Facebook page Zero Hedge…


I’m Pro Life and not a Hypocrite

Back in my pro-war neocon days I considered myself pro-life.  I’d debate the abortion issue with pro-choice friends and I’d often hear, “How can you say you’re pro-life when you’re in favor the death penalty and the war?” That questions always made me think about those issues, but I’d come up with some rationalization.  I…

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