Perpetual Police Pardoning

… pathetic. I lay out frequent misunderstandings cop enthusiasts have about cop critics. So much COPnitive dissonance. I actually have much more nuanced, in-depth opinions about the police, but this is how I would present my arguments to someone that is brand new to voluntarism. Story: Police brutality porn: Follow me on twitter @katy_khaos.


Who is the Hero?

I am going to present a scenario, you decide who, if anyone, is the hero. There is an on-duty police officer shopping in a convenience store when two robbers, Robber 1 (R1) and Robber 2 (R2), (they don’t know the police officer is inside) enter the store. R1 stays at the front door to keep…

Cleatus - Socialized military

Minarchy and the state of rights

Though pragmatism may be your goal, stopping short of fully following your ideology to its logical conclusion may cause contradictions. Within the libertarian movement, minarchists are just as supportive of the right to property as anyone else, but when the mechanics of those rights spill over into how other things might work, it becomes apparent…

NN 2 cover

Net Neutrality is Bad: Ep. 2

…but there is a silver lining. It’s sucha big topic, I just had to make two videos to begin to cover it! Link farm: First video:… Alternatives:……………… Jeffrey Tucker’s article:… Follow on twitter @ theconsciousrn and katy_khaos Find my channel!…

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