Do Animals Have Rights?

Katy Khaos recently made a video about vegans, voluntaryists, and questioning whether we should extend the Non-Agression Principal (NAP) to animals.  It was an interesting video that definitely made me think.  I’m using this post to write out some of my thoughts.  Katy mentions that vegans, like libertarians, are tired of answering the same old…

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Male Rape Bias

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so I want to celebrate by spreading truth about the quiet topic of male rape bias. Also, read this:!Go-Red-for-Women-Wait-What-About-Men/c1nni/F2104634-7426-4505-80CA-5F2BF3650DF7 And this: Watch this: If you wanna be angry: Follow on twitter @katy_khaos !!

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An Anarchist’s Thoughts on the Baltimore Riots

Freddie Gray died The media lied. Statists conveniently cried. Whatta crazy ride. Tell me what you think below. Follow me on twitter @theconsciousrn and katy_khaos Find more videos like this at:

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Happy Earth Day! Who Pollutes the Most?!

It’s a good day when I can take a shot at both liberals and conservatives in under a minute. American forces generate some 750,000 tons of toxic waste annually—more than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. The military vehicles used in both Iraq and Afghanistan produced many hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon…

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