Villanova basketball and praxeology

Villanova University is about to see an increase in applications in the near future.  Did the education you can get there suddenly become better?  Did the price of tuition drop?  Do businesses want Villanova graduates more than graduates of other schools?  Did people finally realize that Drexel is only a decent school for engineering? None…


The ironic defense of Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson’s inability to answer a simple question about whether the Constitution was compatible with the Non-Aggression Principle has stirred debate among libertarians.  While plenty have been critical of him, there have been those who have come to his defense and have attempted to rationalize Johnson’s answer.  J. Wilson of the A Libertarian Future offered…


Taxation is not theft?

The new “thing” among libertarians over the last few days is posting “taxation is theft” memes.  And according to this meme, it’s led to a big spike in searches by curious people (or it’s just libertarians seeing how high their memes rank on image search).  So I decided to Google “taxation is theft” to see…


At the Libertarian Party presidential debate in Philadelphia: Gary Johnson says the Non-Aggression Principle “goes over my head”

A Libertarian Party presidential debate was held in Philadelphia on March 19, 2016, featuring Darryl Perry, Gary Johnson, Marc Feldman, and Derrick Reid.  I was in attendance and was able to capture a few videos. The format was excellent.  Along with the moderator, there was a panel of three “experts” who developed and asked their…

mises inflation

Inflation and prices

I was having a discussion on Twitter today about minimum wage. I was arguing that minimum wage should not be raised and should not even exist at all since it does not solve the root causes of why it’s even considered necessary in the first place. That root cause is inflation. But there are many…


Immigrants and Welfare EXPLAINED

….from a voluntaryist standpoint. I’m going back to basics with these *radical* arguments. Vintage Stefan Molyneux has a couple cameos 😉 Note how I said NOTHING about Islam, the refugee crisis, Syrians, IQ, multiculturalism, etc so please don’t put words in my mouth on those specific topics. The video is strictly about immigration and welfare…


“We should just do nothing?”

I was having a conversation today with someone about US foreign policy where I was arguing in favor of non-intervention.  As expected, when I said that the government shouldn’t meddle in other people’s business, I was asked: “So we should have just continued to do nothing after getting attacked?” This is a false dichotomy used…

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