Episode 74 – Is it okay to enjoy American culture? with...

As libertarians, we often put pressure on ourselves to disassociate from any and all government institutions and programs.  That’s a generally healthy position,...

Episode 73 – Is our current health insurance really insurance?

I know we use Twitter as our muse for a lot of our episodes, but this week, we glean some inspiration from the...

Katy Khaos

Male Rape Bias

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so I want to celebrate by spreading truth about the quiet topic of male rape bias. Also, read this:...


Namgurk and Crispin

There he goes breaking windows again

Yes, here's another Reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate the broken window fallacy. Don't fall for it.   See the other Namgurk and Crispin cartoons.

Crispin and the Non-Aggression Principle

Here is a Reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate that the Non-Aggression Principle is not axiomatic.  It is a great guideline, but be careful saying...