I Saw American Sniper

It seems like everyone has something to say about Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, American Sniper. I’ve heard everything from “This is pure propaganda, Chris Kyle is evil, and this movie gets people fired up to kill brown people”, to “This guy was a true American hero”, to “I hate this anti-American film that makes all…



Only recently have I heard that Martin Luther King Jr. day is supposed to be a day of service.  So I quickly tried to find out why.  I did some googling, but I’m still not sure.  However, I did learn that it was signed into law (yes, you read that right) in 1994 by Bill…


Don’t fear the nullification

Although it is completely within the individual’s right to do, many people are uncomfortable with the notion of jury nullification. People tend to like order. Having a set of rules being applied to everyone helps keep life simple and tidy. The idea of jury nullification is therefore concerning because the order provided by the law…

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