Episode 69 – Would we last past the first date with...

Slappy came across an article by Lara Witt the other day called “10 Thing Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask on a First Date”...

Episode 68 – Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

There has been a debate in the recent weeks between bitcoin supporters and Bitcoin Cash supporters.  Debate is fine and healthy, but one...

Katy Khaos


Namgurk and Crispin

Crispin and the Non-Aggression Principle

Here is a Reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate that the Non-Aggression Principle is not axiomatic.  It is a great guideline, but be careful saying...

There he goes breaking windows again

Yes, here's another Reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate the broken window fallacy. Don't fall for it.   See the other Namgurk and Crispin cartoons.