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Arguments Against Vaccines

I discuss the factors that make me concerned and skeptical about vaccines. Leave comments below! Tony Stiles Article:!Government-Skepticism-but-not-with-Vaccines/c1nni/5577041a0cf219f17731c68f Mary Tocco: Mama Natural Vaccine Series: Dr. Paul: CDC Whistleblower: Dr. Tenpenny: Katy Khaos Vaccine Playlist: Money corruption: Ingredients: Chronic Disease: Follow on twitter @ theconsciousrn and…

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Pro-Vaccine Arguments from a Conscious Parent-To-Be

I discuss possible reasons why parents might want to vaccinate according to schedule. I am very honest, vulnerable and raw here. No topic is as real as one that affects you and your family directly. Watch out for the partner anti-vaccine video, coming soon! Leave comments below! Pro-Vax material: My vaccination playlist:…


Do Animals Have Rights?

Katy Khaos recently made a video about vegans, voluntaryists, and questioning whether we should extend the Non-Agression Principal (NAP) to animals.  It was an interesting video that definitely made me think.  I’m using this post to write out some of my thoughts.  Katy mentions that vegans, like libertarians, are tired of answering the same old…

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