Angela Keaton Yemen

Episode 72 – Angela Keaton on the crisis in Yemen and antiwar strategies

We argue that there is nothing more important than fighting to end wars.  We brought Angela Keaton to talk about the humanitarian crisis...
I, Fruitcake

Episode 71 – I, Fruitcake

We won’t even let Christmas stop us from getting you your weekly episode.  Merry Christmas, and in honor of the day—and one of...
news cycle panic

Episode 70 – News cycle panic and control

We had some audio issues, which is why it sounds odd and seems to cut out at some points.  We now know how...
date intersectional feminist

Episode 69 – Would we last past the first date with an intersectional feminist?

Slappy came across an article by Lara Witt the other day called “10 Thing Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask on a First Date”...
is bitoin a Ponzi scheme

Episode 68 – Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

There has been a debate in the recent weeks between bitcoin supporters and Bitcoin Cash supporters.  Debate is fine and healthy, but one...
statists supporting oligarchy

Episode 67 – Are statists unwittingly supporting an oligarchy?

We hear it all the time from people, especially when they’re defending some war that makes absolutely no sense.  The claim is always...
NFL military propaganda

Episode 66 – NFL military propaganda

While watching the Sunday night football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys last night, commentators Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth lamented...
Jordan Peterson on anarchy

Episode 65 – Jordan Peterson on anarchy

Jordan Peterson has come to some fame (or notoriety) following his admirable refusal to go along with the militant politically correct culture.  Dave...
bitcoin forks

Episode 64 – Bitcoin forks and current bitcoin news with Vivek Raj

It seems like forks are all the rage nowadays—that is if you follow bitcoin.  A few months ago, we experienced the Bitcoin Cash...
social safety net

Episode 63 – Replacing the social safety net

Libertarians often get criticized for not describing a system or society with an explicit social safety net.  People argue that it is the...