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American culture

Episode 74 – Is it okay to enjoy American culture? with Car Camp It

As libertarians, we often put pressure on ourselves to disassociate from any and all government institutions and programs.  That’s a generally healthy position,...
health insurance

Episode 73 – Is our current health insurance really insurance?

I know we use Twitter as our muse for a lot of our episodes, but this week, we glean some inspiration from the...
bitcoin market inefficiency

Bitcoin market inefficiency?

I’m doing another “lazy” Twitter-conversation-regarding-bitcoin post.  I think this one teaches a valuable economic lesson.  A lot of people have been criticizing the high...
Angela Keaton Yemen

Episode 72 – Angela Keaton on the crisis in Yemen and antiwar strategies

We argue that there is nothing more important than fighting to end wars.  We brought Angela Keaton to talk about the humanitarian crisis...
Jesus was a refugee

Yes, Jesus was a refugee

TJ Roberts of Liberty Hangout is upset that leftists are claiming that Jesus was a refugee.  While I certainly don’t support the idea that...