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Jordan Peterson on anarchy

Episode 65 – Jordan Peterson on anarchy

Jordan Peterson has come to some fame (or notoriety) following his admirable refusal to go along with the militant politically correct culture.  Dave...
bitcoin is political

Don’t kid yourself, bitcoin is political

Bitcoin was first popular among libertarian circles due to its usefulness in decentralizing the money system.  It was and continues to be a good...
My Lai Massacre

The continuing tragedy of the My Lai Massacre, Part 2: Blatant military propaganda

More than two and a half years ago, I wrote the first part of a planned two-part series on the continuing tragedy of the...
bitcoin forks

Episode 64 – Bitcoin forks and current bitcoin news with Vivek Raj

It seems like forks are all the rage nowadays—that is if you follow bitcoin.  A few months ago, we experienced the Bitcoin Cash...
social safety net

Episode 63 – Replacing the social safety net

Libertarians often get criticized for not describing a system or society with an explicit social safety net.  People argue that it is the...