Jan Brewer, Take the Next Logical Step

This past Wednesday, Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, vetoed a law giving business owners the freedom to choose not to do business with people based on their religious convictions.  That’s right, we need laws passed in the “land of the free” to allow us to do business with who we want.  Does this mean that a pro-life cater would be required to cater a planned parenthood event?  Do Jewish bakeries have to make cakes for Catholic weddings?  I don’t know why a Catholic would go to a Jewish baker for a wedding cake, just like I don’t know why a gay couple would want to patronize a business that does not want to serve them. But whatever…

I think Jan only went half way.  There are always at least two parties to a financial transaction, you need a buyer and seller.  Why are they only going after racist, bigoted sellers?  I think she should encourage the Arizona legislature to pass a law requiring the racist, sexist, homophobic consumer to stop discriminating against certain businesses.  I know several people who refuse to shop at certain stores based on what the business owners do.

Maybe a business owner contributes part of his profit to pro-life or pro-abortion causes? Maybe a company utilizes sweatshops overseas?  Maybe a local business shop owner supports the 2nd amendment and a different business owner is against it?  There are several reasons for conscientious consumerism.  I think that discrimination is wrong!

Pass a law that gives businesses a local monopoly, that way it is fair and no one gets discriminated against.  Every section of every city will be assigned stores.  If you live at 123 Main Street, you must shop at Store X for your milk and if you live two blocks away, you must shop at Store Y.  We can do this with all consumer goods and services and we will completely rid Arizona of discrimination.

Wait, why should we stop at just Arizona?  Make it a federal law so we can rid the entire country of discrimination! Right after we do that, we can invade any foreign countries that don’t have the same policies! We’ll just say we’re liberating them, and if you think about it, we are.  We can force everyone to live this way.  This is great, we can just make the whole world act just like Arizona and there would no longer be any discrimination in the entire world!


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