Does the government grant us freedom?

Does the government grant us freedom? Is the Constitution the source of our liberty?

It’s an unfortunate occurrence, but over time, we have seemed to lose sight of what liberty is and where it comes from. It doesn’t come from a piece of paper. It doesn’t come from a group of men fighting overseas. And it certainly doesn’t come from politicians.

Liberty is innate to us. We don’t need anyone else to act in order to be free—we are born free.

So what is the state’s relationship to freedom?

The Bill of Rights doesn’t give us any liberty. It set the boundaries for the government. It failed from the start.

The state restricts freedom using the barrel of a gun instead of a demonstration of proper authority in an attempt to engineer behavior. It monopolizes some markets and restricts others, taking choices away from us. There is no liberty when options are taken off the table by someone who has no right to do so.

Has there ever been a government that has adequately protected the liberty of the individuals it claims as subjects? Then why do we continue to rely on it to do so? People are awakening. They are not believing the lies anymore. We are approaching the day where as a society we will say, “This doesn’t work now and it never has.”

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