At the Libertarian Party presidential debate in Philadelphia: Gary Johnson says the Non-Aggression Principle “goes over my head”

Gary Johnson, Non-Aggression Principle

A Libertarian Party presidential debate was held in Philadelphia on March 19, 2016, featuring Darryl Perry, Gary Johnson, Marc Feldman, and Derrick Reid.  I was in attendance and was able to capture a few videos.

The format was excellent.  Along with the moderator, there was a panel of three “experts” who developed and asked their own questions.  The experts that were chosen were excellent picks and they each did a fantastic job.

Larken Rose asked the question, “Do you believe that the Constitution is compatible with the Non-Aggression Principle?”  Here is Gary Johnson’s response:

I included Darryl Perry’s answer to show that the question could be answered fairly simply.  As it was said in the video, the Non-Aggression Principle is one of the core ideas in libertarianism, so it is amazing to me that Johnson acted so dumbfounded by it.  He was visibly flustered on several occasions by the questions.  So much for being guided by principle…